Math is Figure-Out-Able with Pam Harris

#MathStratChat - August 9, 2023

August 09, 2023 Pam Harris
Math is Figure-Out-Able with Pam Harris
#MathStratChat - August 9, 2023
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In today’s MathStratChat, Pam and Kim discuss the MathStratChat problem shared on social media on August 9, 2023. 

Note: It’s more fun if you try to solve the problem, share it on social media, comment on others strategies, before you listen to Pam and Kim’s strategies.

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Pam  00:00

Hey, fellow mathematicians. Welcome to the podcast where Math is Figure-Out-Able. I'm Pam.


Kim  00:06

And I'm Kim.


Pam  00:07

And this is a MathStratChat episode. MathStratChat...


Kim  00:10

What's MathStratChat? Every Wednesday evening, Pam throws out a problem on Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram. People from around the world chat about the strategies they use. And we love to see everyone's thinking.


Pam  00:22

We're just changing things up a little bit, so we just thought we'd pop in and say what the other one usually says just to make it more fun because that's more fun. And hey, this Wednesday, our math problem was... Let me remind myself, 121 subtract 77. How would you solve that particular problem? Pause the podcast, solve it any way you want. The problem is 121 minus 77. Solve it, and then come back to hear how we solved it. And go.


Kim  00:51

Do you want to go first or do you want me to?


Pam  00:52

I'm going to go first.


Kim  00:53



Pam  00:54

So, last couple of MathStratChat problems, we've been playing a little bit with this idea of factor first before we do something else. And when I see 121 and 77, 11s are like flinging in my face. So, 121 is eleven 11s, and 77 is seven 11s, so it's equivalent to 11 somethings minus 7 something's. And that will be 4 of those things, or four 11s. So, four 11s. 4 times 11 is 44. Bam! Super fun.


Kim  01:25

Yeah. I didn't think about that one for this one.


Pam  01:29



Kim  01:29

Which might mean that I still need to force myself to look for it. I thought about the distance between 77 and 121.


Pam  01:38

Hey, do you think it's possible... I'm going to let you do that distance thing in a second.


Kim  01:41



Pam  01:41

Do you think it's possible that you didn't because maybe 121 doesn't pop for you as 11s?


Kim  01:46



Pam  01:46

No. Because it does?


Kim  01:47

I do know that it's eleven 11s. I just... You know, it's so interesting, because I think sometimes so many strategies jump in my head that I... I don't know.


Pam  02:01

Just pick the one that flows the easiest?


Kim  02:03



Pam  02:03

Yeah, sure.


Kim  02:03

I do, but I need to work on letting that one come to the forefront more often, I think.


Pam  02:09

Well, and what we're trying to promote is to be dense, right? Have lots of connections, and then once you own them, then choose. But when you recognize one doesn't come to the forefront very often, you could kind of like, "Hey, I'll look for that. I'll look for opportunities to use it." Okay, so you were going to find the distance. How were you going to do that?


Kim  02:25

Well, 77 and 23 is just really nice. And so, I went from 77 add 23 is 100. And then. I just have 21 more to get to 121. So, then I added 23 and 21 to get the same 44.


Pam  02:42

Cool, I like it. Alright, ya'll, we can't wait to see your math strategy. I wonder if your strategy was like one of ours or something entirely different. Represent your thinking, take a pic of your work, or screenshot your phone and tell the world on social media. And while you're there, check out what other people did. We all love it when you comment on other people's thinking. It's totally fun.


Kim  03:02

Tag Pam on Twitter at @PWHarris. Or on Instagram, PamHarris_math. And on Facebook, Pam Harris, author mathematics education. And make sure you use the hashtag MathStratChat.


Pam  03:13

And pop back here for the next MathStratChat problem that we'll post Wednesdays around 7pm, and then you can hear how we are thinking about the problem. We love having you as part of the Math is Figure-Out-Able movement. Let's keep spreading the word that Math is Figure-Out-Able!